(Revised Aug 2011)

MID KENT HAS A SMART DRESS POLICY and the Board would advise that Members are responsible for their own and their guests’ attire AT ALL TIMES.  The Club House Manager has sole discretion to refuse entry to those who are not suitably attired. 

Please help to keep your Club smart and follow these guidelines.

In the clubhouse:   At some functions it will be necessary for gentlemen to wear jackets and ties within the Clubhouse and the dining room otherwise a “smart casual” policy applies.  If in any doubt about the dress code for any particular function, please check with the organiser prior to the event whether jackets and ties are necessary.

The wearing of blue denim jeans and jackets, track suits, trainers, collarless vests or tee-shirts and flip-flops is not permitted within the clubhouse or on the terrace.   Smart sandals (not opened toed), without socks, are permitted, however bare feet or stockinged feet are not permitted anywhere except in the changing rooms.  

Tailored shorts may be worn in the Clubhouse – in the Lounge during the summer months and at any time in the Robertson bar.  Shirts must be tucked into trousers or shorts at all times, both in the clubhouse and on the course.   Caps and other headgear must not be worn in the clubhouse, and on the course they must be worn with any peak facing forward.   

Coats and Jackets must be hung in the appropriate area and not on the back of chairs.  The Board would like to remind members and their guests that the Club will not be responsible for the security of any valuables left unattended.

On the course:   Proper golf clothing and golf shoes must be worn on the course.   Clothing worn on the course must be clean, smart and tidy if it is to also be worn in the Clubhouse.  When on the course tailored shorts of a reasonable length and style are required.  Industrial shorts with numerous patch pockets or combat types are not permitted.  Socks (in white only) of any length that are worn with shorts are permitted. 

Children and Juniors:  Prams and pushchairs are not permitted in the lounge or dining room unless approved by the Club House Manager.   Children under the age of 10 years are not allowed in the clubhouse after 20.00 unless accompanied by an adult.  In the normal course of events, children under the age of 16 years will not be permitted to remain at the club once any scheduled entertainment commences unless the Social Committee have agreed otherwise.

Mobile phones:   To avoid annoying fellow members, mobile phones must not be used in the lounge, dining room, Robertson bar, or on the course during play, unless there is an emergency.